After being diagnosed with a third malignant melanoma in 2012, I was faced with a serious dilemma. How was this life-threatening health risk going to affect my lifestyle? I live in sunny Southern California and love the great outdoors, so giving up that part of my life was tough to face.

My dermatologist told me that there are parabens and chemicals in many SPF products, and that parabens have been found to spur the growth of certain types of cancer cells. I learned that the SPF products I had been using had chemicals in them that were not reef friendly, so what I really wanted to do was find naturally derived, paraben-free products that were both safe and effective enough to protect my skin.

My good friend Scott inspired me to tackle this challenge with confidence. He is all about finding solutions, and we decided to join forces. Together, we were convinced that the Earth possessed the necessary ingredients...we just didn’t know which ones.

This is how we began - a concentrated research effort to develop naturally derived, paraben-free skin care products that we could use for ourselves and our families. Our quest for the most effective ingredients became more and more exciting with each new discovery.

After years of research and trying out hundreds of blends of plant and fruit extracts, we arrived at a few key formulas. We liked them, and so did everyone we asked to try them. We started receiving testimonies from people about how the formulas made their skin look younger and feel healthier. Soon we were getting inundated with requests for more products.

By this point, it was becoming obvious that we should provide our formulas to a larger audience. So here we are.

Our research continues, and our passion for finding the most effective natural ingredients and formulas grows each day. In order to achieve the optimal effectiveness and safety for your skin, all of our products are made fresh, and are paraben-free and cruelty-free.

We invite you to try our products, and if you like them as much as we do, please share them with those you love.

Michael Stiles and Scott Perkins Co-Founders.

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