We are big believers in the Earth, its resources, its regenerative power, and its relentless ability to give life. This is our goal as a company as well. With each Earth To Malibu product, our desire is to help you live life to its fullest and healthiest level, fortified by the goodness of the Earth and its bountiful resources.


Everyone who lives on this planet shares something in common: We each inhabit the skin we live in. Our skin happens to be the largest organ in our bodies. At Earth To Malibu, our very roots were established by understanding the monumental importance of skin health.

Our pledge is to provide naturally derived, botanically driven, high efficacy products that are nutritional for your skin, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and Earth friendly.


We surround ourselves with talented people who share our passion and care as much as we do. From dermatologists to botanists to aestheticians, we have a community that is fully committed to enhancing skin health and furthering our research.

And when our clients write to tell us how our products make them feel and look more beautiful? Well, that is really what we’re all about – helping people live and feel healthier through the use of our products.


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